Painted murals, designed and painted for the renovation of the lobby, Conrad Hotel, Hong Kong. 1994.
Following the successful completion of murals for the Westin Hotel in Osaka, Mrs. Gauer contacted me, once more. This was my second project in Asia. I was requested to paint two huge columns (200 m2) as well as the staircase wall leading from the reception area to the ballroom. I very quickly learned the meaning of fung shui when my initial designs were returned with remarks from the Fung Shui expert who had been hired by the Conrad. Following modifications of the design, an agreement was reached and a team of five artists were flown to Hong Kong to undertake this commission. The team included Valentina La Rocca, Pascale Boilot, Susie Bouchard and Anne Deschaintre. The project took one and a half month of intensive work to complete.

The columns have been covered with a beige color in 2004. I was never informed.


Conrad hotel -Hong Kong
Grand Swiss hotel -Seoul
Westin hotel -Osaka